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A daily city generator horoscope. Summon public transport from the netherworld and take it to destinations that are astrologically relevant to your life.

Ride a bus, then explore on foot or fly around. Average sessions last around 10 minutes.

Music procedurally generated by the amazing Conor C. Ellis, check out his latest album Cutting Out My Shadow

Other Info:
Platform: Windows 32 and 64 bit versions

-[WASD] to move
-[E] pickup
-Hold [SPACEBAR] while moving to fly
-Mouse rotation controls view direction 
-[ESCAPE] to bring up pause menu during play

To install unpack the .zip file go to the 32 or 64 bit version and run BustripArcana.exe



11.21.21: Fixed crash bug related to changing render scalability settings at runtime, other miscellaneous tweaks and fixes 


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PackagedBuild_Windows.zip 566 MB
BTA_Poster.png 35 MB


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(2 edits)

Would it be possible to split the 64-bit and 32-bit versions into separate downloads? Currently, you are forced to download both (1.65GB total), and when launching via the itch app it asks you which .exe you want to run (but they're both labeled exactly the same, so you have to check the file size to verify which is which).

Edit: Got the game running, but the mouse sensitivity is insanely low. To turn 360 degrees I literally have to move the mouse a little more than two feet. Would greatly appreciate an option to change mouse sensitivity.

Does it always have that mirroring effect on the trips? Because honestly that kind of ruins the experience for me, it turns what would be a neat exploration into confusing nonsense

I mostly agree with this sentiment, would appreciate a way to disable it.

when I try to install the game from the launcher, the only thing found is the poster file.

I switched around the order of files so hopefully that helps, otherwise I'll have to do more research on what's going on

I get a "Fatal Error!" message when clicking on any of the quality options, unfortunately

Yeah there seems to be some bugs around those settings, I'm currently looking into it.

It crashed when I tried to change options to "low" in hope of disabling motion blur (because it makes me physically sick) and now it says "come back tomorrow". I think something's wrong...


Hmm, never seen that bug before I'll look into that and adding a setting for disabling motion blur specifically.

Thank you)

(1 edit)

If you're still looking into it, I think it would be nice to have the options to change the screen resolution and to play in windowed mode. If you don't mind adding these options, of course - I do not insist, just a suggestion. Still very excited to experience the game when you add a setting for motion blur!


Hey, fixed those crash bugs and motion blur is now disabled by default

Thank you! I'll download the new version today or tomorrow)


Added 26 seconds ago. First here. This game looks good. Gonna get it.