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I was intrigued by this game, and I still am, but I found myself getting motion sick pretty quickly. (Which is a shame because I wanted to explore more!) And I couldn't tell if I bugged the game out or if it's just that weird. 

It's a shame about the motion sickness, maybe because of the type/speed of movement? I'll have to do some research into that. I'm working on an update that streamlines some aspects of  gameplay, fixes bugs etc but I don't think you broke anything, it's just a pretty weird game :)  Thanks for checking it out!

I was so confused I'm still not sure if I broke the game, but I had fun exploring.

Glad you had a good time!  Yeah looks like it got a little broken there at the end. Thanks for playing!


I saw the name and had to install it.

A lot of warping to do.. maybe a few warps too many. :) I did like the messages and the visuals are definitely trippy. 


Thanks for checking it out