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Another fantastic, dreamy little adventure. I especially liked the non-sensical randomized dialog. I've definitely had dreams where I struggle to understand what people say to me just like this. Great work!


You may want to skip 15 mins in as I foolish took the bridge. Also had the 450 issue mentioned below and I couldn't turn left in the car with one of the input devices and had to temporarily use the other one for driving.

Hey Jacob, Had a great time playing your game, nice job :D I may do a second part to it, here's my playthrough - 

Interesting playthrough, thanks for checking it out! To answer a question you asked in the video I kept a dream journal for the duration of the jam and tried to draw on it whenever I could, then added some randomization on top of that.

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Had a weird bug where, after alt+Tabbing out, it limited my turn movement to exactly 450 degrees (as in I could only turn around 1 1/4 times and then hit an invisible wall).

EDIT: It appears to be consistently replicable by talking to any NPC. I think it must be unlocking my mouse from the game screen every time I click a dialogue option. Clicking anywhere in the screen brings it back into focus and solves the issue.

Steps to replicate:

Talk to ANY NPC
Click Leave
Attempt to turn in any direction without clicking again


the ambient feels amazing, i'm working in some dream related game, do you think we can get in touch?


Thanks! Yeah send me an email: Loved your game Somewhere by the way, excellent work


You guys go and create something amazing again! Together it will be amazinger!!!

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Somehow it's very laggy, while having PS1 graphics. UI is rather bad.


why can't we claim this?

Interesting vibe and atmosphere, great work!

Dude I'm seeing s__t...

I will take this game for free in my website if you give me the code for that

from distribute section

This has to be one of the best games i've ever played on, the city, the feeling, it feels like being on a dream... it's just amazing... thank you for this!


That's nice to hear I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for checking it out!


A bug that I noticed:

Sometimes after talking to someone/interacting with something/warping, the camera rotation angle get limited, preventing you from facing certain directions.


Never noticed that before, I'll look into it thanks!


I can't start it. it says that "DreamIsland CreateProcess() returns 2"

Not sure what was going on there but if you re-download the latest build it should be fixed. Let me know if your still having the issue.

So, now it starts, but my computer is not very strong. so it lags a lot (also got a problem when the sound of a car screeching to a halt kept going unless I stopped playing)

Should I try with the 32 bit version if it runs better?

I don't think the 32 bit version would make a huge difference. It requires a fairly modern graphics card to run well. I didn't spend much time on optimization given the scope of the Jam.


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