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A PSYCHEDELIC NIGHTMARE! | Stranded Near Nowhere Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Thanks for playing! I think you're the first one that found (or noticed) the creature. I do plan to release the next part eventually.


NOOO I WANTED MORE!! | Stranded Near Nowhere | To Be Continued...

and here is the last part to this game! when i got the 'to be continued' scene, i was gobsmacked! i really want more from this awesome game!! XD really cool job on creating this!! 


Wow thanks! These things can take a while but Pt.2 is in the works, better and stranger.

Hello. Cool game, visually its really striking and i loved the idea behind the game. I included your game in my video this week I hope you don't mind. Thanks again!

Thanks for including it! excellent video.

just to jumpy and it lags  but no a bad game

I was confused pretty much the whole time, but it was kind of fun wondering around trying to figure out what was going on.

I'M SO CONFUSED I LOVE IT! | Stranded Near Nowhere

this game is really really good! i was a little confused at first about the whole thing but now i am slowly adapting XD really awesome job on this! :D


Thanks for checking it out! Really fun video.


It seems a good game but I can't buy it because there is no Linux version...

Not going to lie i broke this game A LOT but didn't put all of it in.

Its not a bad game i just wish it would have given me an objective so i could have completed it.

Thanks for playing! You were actually pretty close to finishing it. I'm realizing a lot about the level/game design with these playthroughs so I appreciate you giving it a look.

I'm pretty sure when he got hit by the car and, buried he came back as a ghost! It seems the whole scenery is weird looking kind of hard to navigate in my opinion. There are some pretty cool elements to this game! I still keep wondering if you could find coolant for the car though! haha

I appreciate the feedback, might want to check the trunk of your car for that coolant :) Thanks for playing!


I hope the story will continue and we won't get sacrificed to Cthulhu or something. :) 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 
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Very fun stream, thanks for playing. Cthulhu is a definite maybe!

Glad you like it. Keep up the good work. :) 

A very interesting game. The atmosphere adds a lot to the mystery factor. The lighting feels really strange. It's like you're in a bubble of shading and everything is glossy. Still a good game fora first.

Thanks so much for playing, great play-through! You're a really entertaining streamer. Maybe I should add a crouch button :)